I Just Bought Tot Pocket!! Tot Pocket is a digital scratchpad app that only allows for 7 active notes, which may seem restrictive but is actually quite liberating.

The Reason?

  • I want a place to scribble notes, but only for active projects and Tot is lightning fast! With Drafts, I’m constantly filtering, searching, and switching between workspaces.
  • The colors for each dot are gorgeous!
  • The Share Sheet is fantastic! Lots of options inside the share sheet for Tot

Use Cases

  • Project overview board
  • URLs of relevant information
  • Deeplinks from other apps. things:///show?id=EuQfmUQygmoyZZLx7St6s
  • Write first drafts
  • List of ideas
  • A scratchpad that can be easily exported elsewhere

My Setup

  • 1st dot for a dashboard of all my active projects (with deep links to Things, Drafts, and other relevant apps and URLs)
  • 2-4th dot for active writing work.
  • The rest is for jotting things down
  • Use Tot Share Sheet to collect information as text or URLs.
  • Finish a rough draft ➜ Export it to Drafts or Ulysses for editing
  • Complete a project ➜ Export it to NotePlan or Obsidian as a project report

Some reviews

Here’s the list of some reviews about Tot which heavily influenced my decision.

And of course, the discussion inside this micro.blog community from my previous post.