@brandonwrites I can’t find your new instance on Micro Blog app, would you mind sharing a link?

@brandonwrites Thanks! I really love her character, so I tried my best to make it as cool as possible. πŸ˜‰ I also like my B99 logo, but unfortunately, it had to take a backseat to my beloved Rosa Diaz. 😝

@jade @jake4480 You guys might want to check out my lettering for another Taylor Swift song, "The 1". It's the song that made me a Swiftie πŸ₯°

@jade Thank you for reassuring my decision. I really appreciate it 😊

@brandonwrites Thanks! I really like it myself. It could be more colorful if I took more time to choose the color for each letter, but I ran out of time for the day πŸ˜‚