As a huge fan of the director, the cast, and the Dune Series, it pains me to give this movie a low rating. (I was so ready to give it a 10.)

Unfortunately, this movie did not meet my expectations for excellence in storytelling. It seemed to prioritize plot over explanations and character depth, which left me feeling disconnected from the characters and their struggles.

I believe this movie would benefit from more telling than showing, as what was shown felt overused and clichéd. The film instead relied heavily on the familiarity of the genre without attempting to add depth or unique elements from the source material, of which there were plenty to explore.

The main problem was the lack of dialogue and explanations, making it difficult to understand the characters’ mental struggles, even Paul’s. While the characters were depicted as struggling, it was not clear why or how much it mattered to them.

Another issue with the movie was the underutilization of the visions and prescient ideas, which are such a crucial part of Paul’s character arc. Despite being told repeatedly that Paul was special, we never saw him discussing and using these abilities in action very much. Even with the prophecy, I did not feel convinced of the significance of it becoming a legendary tale. Merely stating that it has been told without showing the actual telling falls short for me.

Don’t get me wrong, this movie was phenomenal for its visuals and style. It was well-crafted in every detail. You could see the passion oozing out from every scene. However, it was difficult for viewers to connect with the characters and the struggles from each side.

It felt like just another sci-fi movie, albeit more visually spectacular, lacking the depth needed to truly engage the audience.

I went to see the movie with my family, and they couldn’t care less about watching the final part.

As a fan of the Dune Messiah book, I am concerned about how they will handle the final part of the series, especially since they changed the setups for the story so much. I sincerely hope they can capture the moral complexities, the fallout of the story, and the burdens carried by each character, as this one missed the mark.