Sometimes you don’t have anything to write, and your mind falls into silence. There's nothing to rant about, nothing to evaluate, nothing to think.

Rather than putting words on paper, you want to listen to the sounds of your surroundings. Instead of trying to understand yourself, you want to get absorbed into the environment.

There's no need to come up with anything; you simply remain in the present moment.

In a world where people create a constant sandstorm of noise as the norm, solitude feels like an oasis. Today, I have found my oasis. I will cherish the solitude like my life depends on it because, truly, life does depend on it.

Without solitude, we would never fully experience the nature of life, of ourselves, and of the world.

Without silence, we would never hear the messages that the world is trying to communicate.

Without peace of mind, we would never reach a state of equilibrium where we feel content with not needing to change anything, where we can simply exist.

I may need to start moving forward soon, but for now, I will take my time immersing myself in the present moment, embracing the nothingness, and enjoying the wonder of living.

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