Have you ever wondered if we’re just a cocoon, believing we can already fly?
This question struck me after watching β€œMay December.”

The emotional and sensitive subjects addressed in the film, coupled with the powerful performances of the cast, evoked a discomfort that made it hard not to look away. People don’t like to talk about uncomfortable matters, so they often try to brush them off to feel better about themselves. We would rather turn our faces away than see the truth behind them.

This movie serves as a reminder of the importance of facing harsh realities rather than turning a blind eye. This is the kind of movie that you couldn’t say you loved, but it would stay with you for a long time.

Performing alongside not only one of the top actresses, but two of them, and still came out on top was something short of amazing from Charles Melton. Before going into the movie, I could never imagine myself saying he was the best in there, but he was the best performance in May December. You could tell from miles away that this was a person ingrained with tremendous trauma just by the body language alone. I was truly baffled by how he didn’t even get nominated for this amazing performance.

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