⭐️ One Line for 2024-03-25: Finding group photos of old friends makes me feel nostalgic about the past, while tinkering and planning about blogging makes me feel hopeful about the future.

Polaroids from the past

I just found the photos of me and my friends from junior high school. I didn’t even remember that I was a photography enthusiast that young. I lost touch with almost all of them, but looking at these photos brought back the good times. While we have the convenience of digital photos that we can view on a screen, the physicality of these printed photos makes me feel like I can touch the memories themselves. I might ponder on this and write my musings later.

Setting up my new blog

I decided to set up a new blog so I can have a place to casually talk about life and things I enjoy. It’s fun to come up with ideas for future blog posts. The more I blog, though, the more I enjoy Scribbles. It feels like my home for journaling and creative writing, something I could never quite feel with micro.blog.