A Glimpse of War Captured by Journalists

The Civil War Movie offers a unique perspective on war through the lens of journalists, striving for objectivity and a focus on immediate reality rather than delving into the reasons behind it. However, the film acknowledges that, as humans, we all have biases, showcasing how the press distorts and selectively portrays events throughout.

I appreciated how the movie used different characters to illustrate various stages of a journalist's careerβ€”from the early days to their peak, burnout, and reluctance to retire. This portrayal allowed us to witness how war can impact their lives in a short span of time.

It was intriguing to see viewpoints from both sides of the conflict and from ordinary individuals caught up in the conflict. Despite divisions, humanity's core remains unchanged. Some are driven by politics, others seek justice, some are drawn to violence, while some are simply fearful or indifferent to the external world. Nonetheless, there are those who strive to endure amidst the chaos of war. The only drawback was that the movie didn't provide enough explanation about the political complexities, leading to moments where I lost track of which side we were observing.

While the absence of political context and the lack of character depths may be a flaw, the tense atmosphere and thrilling action sequences create a captivating viewing experience that can make one forget to breathe.

What I truly admire about this film, though, is witnessing the collaboration between journalists and soldiers. Both are capturing shotsβ€”one with gunfire, the other with a camera. Yet, both hold significant power in shaping people's destinies. While soldiers may determine the fate of those directly in front of them, journalists' shots reverberate far beyond, leaving a lasting impact on the world.

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