With the introduction of Categories on Scribbles, I find myself faced with a dilemma regarding my existing blogs.

Currently, I have three main blogs (although I have more, their purposes are clear):

  1. Musings with Ning: where I share refined thoughts about life that have been on my mind.
  2. Ning’s Notebook: for notes on various topics in my life.
  3. Life of Ning: life updates not broadcast on RSS feeds.

I appreciate the distinction between these blogs, but my writing topics are becoming a bit blurry and all over the place. I feel the need to reconsider my strategy.

The content I plan to write will include:
- Book notes/quotes
- Initial impressions and reviews of movies, TV series, and books
- Musings on movies, TV series, and books (blending my thoughts on life with what I’ve read and watched)
- Musings on life
- My personal life updates
- App reviews

Most of these topics could easily become categories; it’s just a matter of aesthetic preference.

Should I blend my musings on life with my thoughts on books, movies, and TV series, or keep them as separate categories?

I believe that people who enjoy movies wouldn’t mind reading about books, and vice versa. That means I could place all reviews in Ning’s Notebook and refined musings in another blog. Alternatively, perhaps I should create a separate media blog categorized as movies, series, books.

And what about app reviews—should they have their own dedicated space, or be integrated into one of my existing blogs? App reviews are quite different from other categories. I have tested thousands of apps at this point and would love to share some recommendations with others.

Consolidating all my interests into one blog might require readers to switch contexts frequently while reading. Additionally, I already have my aggregated site on micro.blog. I aim to avoid such confusion.

However, managing multiple blogs could also present its own challenges. Do people enjoy reading multiple blogs from the same person? I am uncertain. 🤨

Oh, I almost forgot about my Life of Ning blog! Since there is an option to hide a post from RSS feeds, perhaps I could merge this blog with Ning’s Notebook and introduce life update categories instead.

The idea of creating separate media blogs is also tempting, but the thought of managing multiple blogs is daunting. However, I can’t deny the appeal of keeping each category distinct for readers.

These two images present my options:

1) Having 3 blogs as is, but with broad categories for each topic.

2) Having separate blogs for each topic, using deeper categories for people to browse through.

Looks like I have some decisions to make!

Sometimes having too many great options can also lead to problems. A welcoming experience nonetheless! 😂

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