I don't usually do quick sessions, but due to a condition that requires me to avoid sweating too much, I have to skip the gym for a full session for now.

However, I really wanted to work out today. So, here is my super quick session:

  1. 40 reps of Push-Ups
  2. 40 reps of Inverted Rows (or bent row with something heavy)
  3. 20 reps of Single Leg Deadlifts
  4. 20 reps of Pike Push-Ups
  5. 10 reps of Pistol Squats (or Bulgarian Split Squats for an easier variation)
  6. 20 reps of Superman Pull Ups
  7. Crab walk and camel pose for a bit


Push. Pull. Vertical Push. Vertical Pull. Hinge. Lunge. Spine and unwind from the sitting position. All of this without breaking much of a sweat. Let's see how I feel tomorrow, lol.

P.S. If I were going for a 15-minute session, I would have added 10 reps of Pull-Ups and reduced the inverted row repetitions to 20, and also added L-sit and side plank hold as finishers.

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