Enby gang, rise up!

It’s rare to see a non-binary representation, let alone a main character, so this book, I Wish You All The Best, was a breath of fresh air.

The exploration of gender fluidity and the acceptance of varying gender identities is so important. Gender fluidity is real, as is the lack of gender, like being agender. I hope people can accept these identities instead of questioning their validity. If we could just love and accept each other without judgment, the world would be a better place.

The rejection of one's identity by loved ones is a heartbreaking reality for many, but finding someone who truly accepts us for who we are is more than enough to keep us going. 

The title of the book alone warms the heart, and the blending of Ben's name with it feels so comforting. I also chose colors to resemble the genderfluid and non-binary flags to celebrate Pride Month.

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