To the Moon and Back (Matalada) is a heartwarming Thai drama that shatters stereotypes by portraying LGBTQIA+ people as loving and capable parents. The character of Grace, Matalada's dad, was a shining example of a supportive and admirable father figure. Despite facing rejection from his own family for coming out as gay, Grace found strength in creating a loving environment for his daughter within his LGBTQIA+ community as a cabaret owner.

What I loved was Matalada's cute way of calling her dad, “พ่อเกรซ” or “Daddy Grace”. It was like she wrapped every word in a cozy blanket of affection, showcasing just how much love and care she's been showered with. 

The story not only highlighted the importance of healthy relationships and the power of chosen families but also showed how individuals can overcome their past traumas and build a fulfilling life.

Definitely one of the best Thai dramas out there!

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