"Uranus 2324" is a movie that really caters to fans of a certain on-screen couple, but if you're looking for a strong storyline as a whole, you might be disappointed. 

The space operations scenes are some of the worst I've ever seen, with no sense of urgency at all. The editing, score, dialogue, and line deliveries all fall flat. Let’s just say they left the sense of urgency back on Earth.

It feels like the filmmakers had a bag full of subplots and decided to throw them all in, hoping the multiverse concept would magically tie everything together. Spoiler alert: it didn’t. 

Each universe’s storyline was excessively long. They seemed to be having too much fun with it before realizing they had run out of time, leading to an abrupt wrap-up.

Still, it’s still enjoyable and one of the better Thai movies out there.