📺 Seeing Tatiana Maslany in She-Hulk Attorney at Law made me happy; she did a phenomenal job in Orphan Black (highly recommended), so I’m glad she finally got the big role she truly deserves.

📺 #Westworld Season 4 was fantastic! It still had the same problem as Season 3 in that some dumb coincidence had to happen to create more action scenes, but it returned strongly to the philosophical theme of free will and humanity. Let’s hope they get to make the series finale.

📺 The latest episode of #Westworld was so great! Really like the vibe of this season. Let’s hope some philosophy questions about hosts and humans popping up soon.🤞

📺 Westworld Season 4 is starting to get interesting! So far, it’s far better than the last season. Still miss the philosophical tone that the first season captured so perfectly though.

📺 The Boys Season 3 is getting better each episode!! This show is wild and I love it!!