I finally got the invite for Scribbles!

Don't get me wrong, Micro.blog is a wonderful platform for connecting with others and sharing snippets of my life. However, it often feels like an aggregated site rather than a true blogging platform. I find myself focused on social interactions rather than delving into my own thoughts and experiences. I feel like I put on a performance there and I can't tap into my contemplative self—where I ponder the connections between the world around me and my own experiences.

I need to stop propping myself up and just let my thoughts flow.

I know this might be my naïveté, hoping for a tool to help me lead a deeper life, and it has become a crutch in my thinking world for my entire life. 

I'm still searching for a space that fills me with joy every time I express my thoughts in words. However, I think I might have just found a place where I can delve into the depths of my thoughts and share them with the world.

So, Hello, Scribbles! I hope this platform will not only be a space for self-expression but also a place where I can grow as a writer and as an individual. Scribbles could be my great companion to embark on this journey towards a meaningful life together, right? We’ll see about that.

I hope that my future self will agree with me that I've made some wise decisions here.