I have a hoarding habit, but it's not with physical objects due to my limited space. Instead, I hoard everything digitally. Photos, music, movies, books, notes, apps, and even browser tabs—I collect them all. It may seem strange, but I even hoard tasks.

Recently, I had an epiphany—by hoarding things, I am actually hoarding the promises I haven't kept to myself. The evidence is even clearer when my task management apps have become a graveyard for all my unfulfilled commitments.

The truth is, we hold onto these things out of fear of regret and loss. However, by clinging onto regrets, we hinder our progress and hinder our chances of success. Most of the time, our "someday" never arrives. We just want reminders of what we could have accomplished. We'd rather hold on to the regret of not doing something than face the thought of losing it altogether. It's a peculiar mindset known as the "Scarcity Mindset," where we believe we need everything that comes our way. 

However, if we pause and ask ourselves honestly, how many regrets would we have if we let go of something? More often than not, the answer is "not much." Our fear of losing something valuable is often disproportionate to the actual regret it would cause. By hoarding our regrets and unfulfilled promises, we hinder our own progress. We remain stuck, tormenting ourselves with thoughts of what could have been. 

While our digital storage may seem unlimited, our mental space is not. 

Therefore, It’s time for me to break free from this vicious cycle and to start decluttering and purging the unnecessary waste of my life. To embrace a minimalist mindset and let go of past failed commitments and unfulfilled promises to my future selves. This way, I can live fully in the present, appreciating the wonderful gifts of life, and make space for new experiences and opportunities.