This quarter, I have begun incorporating plyometric training to enhance my power, strengthen my tendons, and reduce the risk of injuries. Additionally, I have started training dips with the aspiration of achieving a muscle-up someday.

I follow my structured workout routine focusing on full-body training for 2 hours a day, 2 days a week. Here's a breakdown of my routine for this period:

Workout A

In this session, the emphasis is on lower body skills followed by hypertrophy training for the upper body. The exercises include:

  • Plyometric Exercises: Landing, Pogo Jump, Lateral 1-foot Line Hop, Box Jump, Depth Jump, Skaters, Tuck Jump, Burpees Broad Jump
  • Lower Body: Pistol Squat on Jump Box, Step Up (Touchdown Variation) 
  • Upper Body: Dumbbell Fly, Deficit Push Up, Barbell Row, Straight Arm Pull Down, Cable Rear Delt Fly, Behind the Back Cable Bicep Curl, Cable Lateral Raise, Superman with Scaption

Workout B

This session focuses on upper body skills first, followed by hypertrophy training for the lower body. The exercises in this workout are:

  • Focused Skills: Dips, Scapular Pull-Up, L-Sit, Bulgarian Sandbag Spin
  • Upper Body: Chin Up, Elevated One Arm Push Up, Inverted Row, Pike Push Up, Superman with Scaption
  • Lower Body: Cossack Squat, Bulgarian Split Squat, Kettlebell Swing, Single Leg Deadlift, ATG Lunges

Supplement Workouts

  • Run for at least 1 km., at least once a week
  • Mobility Drill every morning, emphasis on shoulders
  • Hanging for 1 minute

Next quarter, I will shift my focus to arms and shoulders as I have identified them as my primary limiting factors. While this may seem boring, I am optimistic about overcoming this bottleneck soon. Additionally, I plan to reintroduce heavy lifting into my routine inspired by the impressive portrayal in the movie "Love Lies Bleeding" — it looked incredibly awesome! LOL