Attention: If anyone subscribes to Ning's Notebook via RSS (if there are any 😂), please be aware that your RSS feed might break after this. I am changing the domain name. Also, please note that I have new plans for this blog. Therefore, I recommend reading this post before deciding whether you want to stay subscribed to this blog or my other blogs.

With the introduction of Categories on Scribbles, I now see Scribbles as a perfect place to be my blogging home and use my main blog solely for interactions with others. I love having dedicated space for each of my interests, while also having a place to discuss them. I am happy with this decision, although it would be great if there was an easy way to show the original source for cross-posting. 😅 

Now that I have decided to fully commit to Scribbles, I have to restructure some of my blogs to accommodate my future self.

After my previous blog post about this dilemma, I have decided to repurpose Ning's Notebook blog from personal notes to media notes and move my personal life notes to  Life of Ning instead. I will also go back and manually publish my old reviews, but this may take some time.

Next, I have two separate domains with a clear distinction between them—for personal and writing life. = personal life and reaching out (email) as a person, and maybe get some financial support ;) = writing life and sharing my thoughts with people.

This means that I will soon change from thenotes.ningkantida domain to the notes.ningnarrative domain.

My New Blogging Structure

Here is my new blogging structure. 

  1. Life of Ning = Personal Life. How I spend my day. Memories with people.
  2. Ning's Narrative Notebook = Reviews and reflections from Books, Movies, Series, and other media types. 
  3. Musing With Ning = Musing about life. Refined writing.
  4. Ning Narrative  = The aggregated site for my writing and other content, aside from my personal life.

    The challenging part of this restructuring is the cross-posting settings on Creating new rules for every blog and every category would be quite tedious!
    My Blogging Structure in a table format, providing more details for category names
    My Blogging Structure in a table format, providing more details for category names

What does this mean to you? 

  • For Passersby: Enjoy reading my multiple blogs on Scribbles, I have a navigation bar linking to any of my blogs. Or read them all in one go on my main blog
  • For Someone Interested in My Life Updates: Make sure to visit Life of Ning from time to time. That’s the only way you will see my life updates.😊
  • For Scribbles People: You'll see more of me on the Explore Page!
  • For, Mastodon and Fediverse People: You can keep reading on my main blog, so we can interact with each other. 😉
  • For RSS fans
    • To read all my writings, please subscribe to this feed
    • If you'd like to subscribe to specific topics and are interested in sharing some comments, you can choose which feed to follow on this feed page. I might have to change some of them, so give it a try after a week or so.
    • Suppose you prefer to read specific topics and don't care about replies in public. In that case, I suggest subscribing to my Scribbles feeds and occasionally opening the blog because Scribbles is a lovely platform! 
    • This blog feed will soon change from the feed with my personal domain to the NingNarrative feed. Just add the feed in the next few days. 
    • More feeds will come, and you could use my About Page to keep track of all my online presence.

And hey, you might want to tip me for the effort 😜

PS. This blog post will remain active for a few weeks before I transition over to Life of Ning 

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