Just a quick heads-up—I've decided to switch up the domain for my media notes blog from notes.ningkantida.com to notebook.ningnarrative.com.  Though, longer, I figured it's easier to remember and ties in with my blog name.

I'm going with Notebook because it's all about me jotting down my thoughts on media, no frills. Not only that, but I prefer not to label myself as a reviewer. Plus, it rhymes well with my name!

I'll make the change by tomorrow, so keep an eye out!

Moving forward, you can catch all the updates on my media notes from the Ning Narrative Notebook blog or the new RSS feed.

Fun Fact: In Thai, Ning (นิ้ง) means "new", "novel", "great", or "perfect." So Ning Narrative could translate to Great/Novel Narrative, or even the narrative of Ning. Pretty cool, right? 😎

PS. This blog post will remain active for a few weeks before I transition over to Life of Ning

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