I have decided to challenge myself to do some lettering with my favorite lyrics throughout this May. It's going to be a bit tricky--picking the songs, figuring out the compositions, and actually doing the lettering. But hey, I'm looking forward to the challenge, as it will be an enriching experience for me.

It'll be a cool way to revisit memories associated with these tunes and breathe new life into them through my lettering. Plus, this challenge will give me plenty of excellent practice materials for honing my lettering skills.

Given that I have only a day to work on each song, I have decided not to put too much pressure on myself to make each piece perfect. My main goal is to simply bring my ideas to life and see how they turn out. Some might end up as rough sketches, who knows! 

Let's roll with it and see how things turn out. Oh, and I've already got a plan for next month too, but let's hope my creative energy lasts until then. 😄

Let’s enjoy some lettering accompanied by great music this month! 🎨🎶

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