The Work

My Lettering Design for Written in the Scars by The Script.
My Lettering Design for Written in the Scars by The Script.

The Inspiration

The Script is my favorite band ever, they have been my favorite band since their first album. I have such fond memories of listening to their music growing up and I even attended every concert they played in my hometown. I was devastated when I heard about Mark Sheehan's passing. Their music has such a powerful impact on me, it can make me laugh, cry, break my heart, and heal my soul. I truly believe that I wouldn't be the person I am today without their music.

It’s hard to choose which song to do the lettering when I love every one of them. I could even spend the whole month dedicated to the lyrics from every song!!

So, I decided to choose the song that I listen to the most because it’s been my go-to every time I go to the gym or want to hype myself up ever since I first heard the song.

The Script has some amazing songs that promote self-love and empowerment. However, "Written in the Scars" takes a unique approach by thanking those who have caused us pain. I love the idea of acknowledging our scars and the people who have hurt us so that they no longer have power over us. Every painful experience we go through becomes a part of our personal growth. Our identity is not written in the stars, but rather in the scars you got and the stories behind each of them. So, let's embrace our scars and the lessons they have taught us!

“… Thank you to anyone who hurt me. 
'Cause this is a shout-out to those who never cared. 
I got scrapes on my heart from all the battles. 
And I owe you for getting me prepared.
I tip my hat to all the haters  
Got a handshake for lovers from the past  
I got a peace sign for all you backstabbers  
You're not the first, and you sure won't be the last…”

“… I'm proud of these scars 'cause they're mine…”

“… If it's hurting right now 
If it's burning right now
It's gon' make us who we are  
It's written in the scars…”

“… It's written in the scars
They make us who we are…”

The Process

I struggled with designing the lyrics for this song because there were so many amazing lines to choose from! I had to select the essence of the song carefully. At one point, I even considered making three different designs! I played around with the idea of incorporating a stitch in a tattoo-like style, but it didn't look right with the small letters, so I had to let go of that idea. I might revisit it for a shorter line, though.

My Lettering Sketches for Written in the Scars by The Script.
My Lettering Sketches for Written in the Scars by The Script.

Unfortunately, I only had one day to work on this, so I had to choose the one that excited me the most.

The design process wasn't any faster. I wanted a graffiti style to match the song's title, "Written in the Scars." So, I spent most of my time sifting through thousands of brushes to find the perfect ones! I wish there was a search function for brushes in the app. I kept forgetting which brushes went with which colors and sizes, and I had to go back and forth multiple times. So, don't even ask me about the brush settings, I have no idea myself, LMAO. 😂

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