The Work
My design inspired by In A Song by Hunter Hayes
My design inspired by In A Song by Hunter Hayes

The Inspiration

Today's design is inspired by Hunter Hayes's song "In A Song". This song is featured in my playlist "These Songs Saved My Life" because it genuinely saved me during a tough time.  Listening to it gave me the sense of hope to keep going despite the pain and emotions I was feeling. 

You sometimes wish you could change the past, but in reality, doing so would only mess things up further. So, not being able to undo what's done is actually a blessing, as it helps you move forward for good. There are no second chances or do-overs; you must keep moving forward, even if it means a different path than you had planned. It's oddly reassuring, and it helped me through a tough spot. So, I decided to design something centered around these special lyrics. 

Well I'm sure if I had the chance to go back
I'd change more than I should
But knowing I can't is helping my chances
Of moving on for good
Now I'm not saying there won't be too many lonely nights
But the songs that I choose getting over you
Help me make it out alive

It’s alright, this goodbye
Won’t hurt me for too long
I’ll be fine on my own
It’s gonna take some time
But I know that I
I can find where I belong
And I’ll find it in a song

The Process

I originally had the idea of utilizing the arrows to represent the timeline, but it would only confuse people, so I decided to go with a strict composition instead. 

This type of composition was new to me, but I enjoyed it.

After the first draft, the design felt empty, so I added decorations, which transformed it into something I love. The final version kinda reminded me of a vintage circus ticket or something. I am pleased with how it turned out.

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