The Work

The Inspiration

While I Still Got The Time by Darius Rucker is the song I listen to on my birthdays, to remind myself how to live a life to the fullest, not a life filled with regrets.

No more excuses and no more me doing things wrong
Life is too short baby; I have wasted ours for too long
And baby from now on
I am going to work like I do not need the money
I am going to laugh like I am not afraid to cry
I am going to dance like nobody is watching
I am going to love while I still got the time

The Process

I had a lot of ideas, but ended simplified everything into just a heart shape. So, the keywords like "Work", "Laugh", "Dance", and "Love while I still got the time." get the chance to shine the most.

I like the design.

Unfortunately, I only got like 40 minutes to work on the design before some good news came that made me spend the whole day on the road. So I don't have to truly finish it. 

I didn't do the song justice, so I'll revisit the design in the future. 

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