The Work
My design inspired by Never Forget You by Lupe Fiasco
The design inspired by Never Forget You by Lupe Fiasco

The Inspiration

This design was inspired by the rhymes in “Never Forget You” by Lupe Fiasco. These lines don't capture the essence of the song, but I absolutely love them. The wordplay in these lines is so beautifully written and emphasizes the importance of moving forward while cherishing our milestones and achievements. It perfectly sums up how we should live our lives—celebrating our achievements, staying focused on doing our best, always aiming to improve, and continuing to move forward towards our goals.

“... Let the record reflect the records we set.
 Best foot forward with every step.
And let's push towards it, never regress …”

The Process

I thought it would be fun to use “best foot forward with every step,” like stepping on the stairs. And then it hit me that it’d be better to create a design that resembled climbing a mountain.

Whether living or hiking, there will always be a moment when you may have doubts about whether to turn back or keep going. So the lyrics fit perfectly here, reminding us to keep it going. Every step we take is always a new achievement that we should be proud of, and we can achieve much greater things if we keep going.

The idea is perfect, at least for me, but the execution is not easy. I’d like the whole design to guide us toward the top of the mountain, so I had to draw arrows on as many letters as possible. Additionally, I need to arrange the lyrics in a mountain shape, which is much more difficult than it looks.

The process proved to be challenging, but after working on it for half a day, I am proud of the final result. I really love the idea of using arrows, and the reflection for the word “record” in my design. 

If the inspiration strikes me, I will come back and change the letter styles for the phrase “Let the record reflect the records we set.”

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