The Work

The Inspiration

Throughout my life, I have been shy and socially awkward. One thing that always boosts me up is listening to "Self Esteem" by Nelly. It's been a staple in my playlist since I first stumbled upon it, to hype me up and boost my confidence. 

You see my self-esteem, I'm never leavin' home without it
They told me I'd never make it, they told me I ain't doubt it
Now tell me whoever make it, now tell me I ain't got it
I'm seein' No Limits nigga, who sayin' I ain't Bout it?

You got to believe in yourself
Don’t let nobody tell you what you can’t be
You got to believe in yoursel-elf, yeah
And everything else’ll work out, you’ll see
Ohh, ohh, ohh, ohh
I think I - naw, I know I can!!

The Process

I had an idea to incorporate a thumbs-up into a design with the words "I know" and "I can," but I couldn't make it work with other elements. So I reluctantly dropped the idea and opted for big and bold words to convey the empowerment of the song.

Although I enjoy designing this, I realized I struggle with choosing colors. If I were to revisit the design, I would focus on making the colors more daring and fearless.

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