The Work

The Inspiration

"The 1" is the song that got me into Taylor Swift's music. I deeply resonate with everything about it. I feel like the song perfectly captures the feelings of longing and regret over a past love that you consider the best you've ever experienced. It encapsulates the bittersweet nature of "what-ifs" and the slow progress of moving on, while still clinging to the idea of being the one they’d choose in the end. This song will always be my favorite of hers.

But we were something, don't you think so?
Roaring twenties, tossing pennies in the pool
And if my wishes came true
It would've been you
In my defense, I have none
For never leaving well enough alone
But it would've been fun
If you would've been the one

The Process

I actually did some lettering for these lyrics four years ago when the song first came out, although I wasn't trying to make it deliberately beautiful at that time. It was just something I whipped up for fun.

This time, I wanted to be more intentional with the design. I added some details to convey the concept of desperately wishing for a second chance. This includes the imagery of wishing on stars along with the water filled with floating pennies. Learning about compositions and various letter styles also helped me immensely, along with using new brushes and textures. You can see a vast difference between the two pieces.

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