I wouldn't have learned about intersex if I hadn't watched "Faking It."

This show features some of the most inclusive LGBTQIA+ characters in the most welcoming environment I've ever seen. It flips the script of high school stereotypes by making the "cool kids" LGBTQIA+, showing that being true to yourself is what really matters. Sadly, this is quite the opposite of the real world we live in.

As one of TV's first intersex main characters, Lauren's journey is groundbreaking. Her story shines a light on the challenges many intersex people face in a world that's still catching up on understanding. The show dives deep into her experience with Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, giving viewers an eye-opening look at the diversity within intersex identities without using it as a mere plot device. They even team up with interACT, an intersex youth advocacy group, to ensure a real and respectful portrayal. Lauren's intersex status is not just a plot device but integral to her character development and the show's themes around authenticity, self-acceptance, and embracing one's true self.

Overall, "Faking It" excels at a nuanced, progressive exploration of complex issues around sexuality, gender, and authenticity. It resonates deeply, helping normalize diverse experiences and providing much-needed visibility. 

Watching "Faking It" back in the day taught me to embrace people for who they are, no matter their sexuality or gender identity. And honestly? It made me a better human for it.

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