Beast These characters were so stupid, and the story was so predictable, but I couldn’t help but be moved by their outstanding performance. And seeing it with my parents made me appreciate my family even more.

🎥Bullet Train = John Wick + Deadpool with Guy Ritchie’s storytelling style. So entertaining!! Surprisingly, this silly action film has a narrative theme! It reminded me a little of Everything Everywhere All At Once, but this is definitely for someone who just wants to laugh their ass off or be …

🎥Thor: Love and Thunder is worth watching just by Christian Bale’s performance and The Mighty Thor’s awesomeness alone. What about Odinson? Who cares!! lol. Better than MoM imo.

🎥 Austin Butler was fantastic in Elvis. And I never thought I could hate Tom Hanks until watching this movie lol. Listening to Elvis’s songs in theatre was so magical.