Seeing trainers not teach push-ups correctly is the most annoying thing about going to the gym, especially when a client is a woman.

People who aren’t strong enough should be taught how to do incline push-ups against a wall, a bar, a bench, or anything else. Instead, they did some weird moves that aren’t even half-reps. Some trainers are still doing this, even though I once told the staff about it.

Perhaps they don’t think women should take it seriously. Doing kneeling push-ups is a must for everyone, though, so you can get back up on your own if you fall.

Even though she’s still working on her form, my mom has been working out for less than a year and can already do push-ups because I stress this skill a lot during her workouts. Meanwhile, some regular customers are still too scared to touch the ground all the way down.

These trainers' sloppy lessons are an insult to their clients' time, effort, and money, and I’m furious about it. I sometimes even want to become a personal trainer myself because of this lol.

//edited: Hybrid Calisthenics have great resources for bodyweight movement progressions, including pushups, that you can use to improve your training.