📓I’m getting a Hobonichi planner for the first time, though I’m a bit anxious which pen🖋️ would work well on the thin paper. I know I’ll be getting a Hobonichi Weeks Mega, but I’m not sure what other things I should buy with it yet… 🤔 Well, let’s hope I can decide by …

After reading Cal Newport’s Digital Minimalism and Deep Work, I decided to turn off wifi after 7 p.m. every night and instead spend this time reading, conversing, or journaling. I’m hoping that this practice will help me live a more fulfilling life.

Happy Birthday to me 🥳 It’s crazy how I’m in the best shape of my life when I actually just got older. lol

💡Nowadays, I tend to divide everything into two categories. What brings me joy and what helps me grow as a person. Nice moment? Savor it. Bad moment? Take lessons. This is a simpler way of life.

💡After years of working out, I’ve changed my mindset from “Don’t bother, you won’t be able to do it.” to “If I want to do this, how can I incorporate the plan that will work for me?” Change no longer seems impossible when you realize it’s a matter of …

👩‍💻 Bought a domain from Porkbun! Now that I finally have a proper name, it’s time to get more serious on this blogging thing. I guess… we’ll see 😁

I was trying to use IFTTT to cross-post with no success (it wouldn’t post only my specific feed, but all of them!) Then I realized I could have just used Drafts to post on both micro.blog and my 2nd twitter account instead lol. There’s always another way to look at things. 😁

⭐️Some people say meditation will help you gain self-awareness, but I think a dead hang is far more effective. You cannot NOT feel every fiber of your being trying to hold on so that you won’t fall off the bar 😂

⭐️💡Everyday, I turn around, bow, and say ‘thank you’ before leaving my room and starting my morning. Starting the day with gratitude keeps me grounded and makes me appreciate life more.