I’m always impressed by the Audible Customer Service Team, they always help me get deals, return books, and other requests with such a prompt response.

Tot Pocket Mini Review

I Just Bought Tot Pocket!! Tot Pocket is a digital scratchpad app that only allows for 7 active notes, which may seem restrictive but is actually quite liberating. The Reason? I want a place to scribble notes, but only for active projects and Tot is lightning fast! With Drafts, I’m constantly …

Should I buy Tot Pocket, which is currently on sale for iOS until the end of August? I’m currently using Drafts and experimenting with Notes SE. Can someone provide me with feedback and use cases for the app?

I don't like the new direction of Craft.do

After seeing the latest updates and how they’ve been communicated within the Slack community, I’m not sure whether I’ll continue to use Craft in the long run. In my opinion, this indicates a lack of market understanding of their customers. They continued to prioritize major updates …

How do you decide whether the content should be a post or a page? What’s the difference for readers (aside from not being able to comment)? What about indexing and backend functionality? 🤔

I’m still figuring out whether to use NotePlan or Logseq for my daily logs. NotePlan feels more intuitive, but I’m a bit scared of their pricing practice. While Logseq is free, the queries look like something I have to learn for weeks just to get a weekly summary. 😅

👩‍💻Created a visual book note of 📚 Soundtracks in 10 minutes using my new favorite whiteboard app—Guga. Highly recommended both the book and the app.

👩‍💻 I just got the 9.99 USD deal for Agenda app from Stack Social, which will give you all the current features plus 12 months updates you get to keep forever (+6 months bonus with a referral link when you activate it before purchasing the deal.) What a steal!

👩‍💻 Bought a domain from Porkbun! Now that I finally have a proper name, it’s time to get more serious on this blogging thing. I guess… we’ll see 😁

I was trying to use IFTTT to cross-post with no success (it wouldn’t post only my specific feed, but all of them!) Then I realized I could have just used Drafts to post on both micro.blog and my 2nd twitter account instead lol. There’s always another way to look at things. 😁

👩‍💻 I finally figured out how to hide pages from the navigation bar! nav a\[href="/stats/"], nav a\[href="/photos/"], nav a\[href="/feeds/"] \{ display:none; } I moved these pages to the footer instead. Only changing a favicon left!

👩‍💻As someone who doesn’t know how to code, I’m so proud of what I’ve done with my micro.blog colors. Now, how can hide the plug-in pages from the navigation bar!!? 😂

👩‍💻Designing a website without CSS knowledge is like copying your friend’s homework. Cheat once, then you need to cheat your way through forever 😂